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Spineless Rejects @dickinsonleak Attempt to Copy "Testing Newsdays": Fail Miserably

Dickinson Leaks I got one thing to say to whoever runs that account. You are an absolute joke. After rumors were swirling of "Testing Newsdays" dropping the hottest website in Dickinson History, some spineless coward decided to try to copy the idea with a singular 3 post instagram page. Not only am I astounded by this cowardice, I am embarrassed for whoever is trying to compete against us in this market right now: I mean check your ratio bro! We’ve been up for 24 hours and already have more notoriety than you were going to get in a year; the pettiness is one thing but the execution? I mean come on. It would be one thing if you had jokes, but instead you are just going to sit behind your computer screen and act like you came with the original ideas. Please. Last night must have been pretty rough for you though… site drop, insta drop, twitter drop and over 3,000 page views to go with it. But honestly, if you’re ready to admit your blatant plagiarism, feel free to explain yourself on our applications tab. Weird Flex but OK!

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