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Sketch Job in Peculiar Vest actually Employed Crossing Guard

NORTH COLLEGE STREET - Rumors quickly swept the Dickinson campus Wednesday morning after several students reported seeing a strange man in a peculiar vest on North College Street. The students who witnessed this scene reported feeling threatened and unsafe while crossing the street and some even chose to go down the street towards another crosswalk in order to avoid the strange man. Carlisle brainiac Bakary Samasa lamented on the situation: “It wasn’t that the guy was particularly scary, it was just the way he yelled at me to come across that made me uncomfortable and made me weary of his intentions. You know I don’t want that smoke”. When students contacted DPS about the sketchy man they were informed that Rob the Crossing Guard was home sick and the man everyone had encountered was merely a local volunteer. Students are all anticipating Rob’s return to the crosswalk in the coming days, both for their own sake and for the safety of the community.

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