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  • Thelma Watkins

Senior Male Self Conscious Around Group of Popular Freshman

BRITTON PLAZA - Around 10:35 am, a disturbance was reported near the intersection of the HUB and Britton Plaza. A tall dark haired male and a few companions were seen walking up the steps into the HUB when the morning air was rocked by a startling turn of events. A local senior posted up at the outdoor tables provided details. His identity has been kept a secret for as a result of his crippling insecurity.

According to the senior he noticed the group of popular looking freshman as they walked by him. Heart beating nervously, he made the logical choice not to even look at them. Suddenly, he overheard uproarious laughter coming from the group. The student reported being unsure whether or not the laughter was about him. "Is it a verbal attack? Am I becoming irrelevant?" he questioned. This dramatic turn of events led the senior to question his identity.

DPS has been notified. They are in the process of initiating an investigation. Due to the investigation being open, DPS has declined to comment until all of the details are discovered.

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