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Res Life Introduces Campsite Plan

An Inside Look

"The Campsite” on Morgan field will be the newest addition to Dickinson’s option of residential living spaces for seniors starting in 2020.

Dickinson has recently announced its plan to introduce “The Campsite” residential area to Morgan field, consisting of tents ranging in capacity of holding anywhere from one to six people. Starting in 2020, rising seniors will have priority in selecting a Campsite spot if they so please.

Dickinson has described this decision as not only an effort towards their continued sustainability goals, but also a ploy to have seniors mingle more with underclassmen, and relive their days on Morgan field. The administration believes it will be in the interest of seniors to have the opportunity to chill on Morgan Field when not in class and reminisce about their freshman year. Each tent will come fully furnished with sleeping bags, a dresser, and a couple chairs. In order to save even more energy, the administration has declared that the tents will have no lights whatsoever, but instead students will receive rechargeable flashlights. Students on the site also will not even have access to showers, which will drastically cut down on the amount of Dickinson’s water usage. Furthermore, student’s will have access to Drayer and Adams in order to do laundry (although students are encouraged to hand wash and air-dry their clothes). Some students have come forward with concerns about heating during winter, but Dickinson has assured the community that each student living in the campsite will be provided with 20 hand warmers each semester. Students will also be provided with a free Dickinson scarf as well as a pair of earmuffs to assure their wellbeing. Another concern has been about safety, as tents obviously aren’t as safe as dorms. But, students were thrilled to hear that every 4th tent on the campsite will have a DPS officer living with the students for extra protection. Students living on the site will also officially be living on the closest residential area to the caf, cutting down on travel time during busy mornings. To add on to the long list of perks that living on the campsite will provide, students on the campsite will have first preference on s’mores during every weekly Morgan Field campfire night!

When a senior member of Student Life and Campus Engagement polled students about their thoughts on the plan, sophomore Felix Mcquesse said, “I actually could be very interested in living on the campsite. I want to be a CA also, so living there would give me a more centralized location for accessing all the dorms on Morgan field. Not to mention I have been on the outing club for a full semester now, and this is like a dream come true for us.” Not all students were so enthusiastic though. Freshmen Cypher Rockefeller stated, “I don’t know man, I just don’t get how I’m going to be able to scheme in this type of environment.” Rockefeller’s comment reveals a valid argument against “The Campsite”, as it seems like it might discourage potential fun activities for students. Dickinson is still in the initial planning stages, so more news is sure to come regarding the game changer of a residential plan. We will be sure to update you if anything changes.

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