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Quarry Shut Down After Devastating Yelp Review

THE QUARRY—The head of Dickinson Dining Services announced earlier this morning that the long loved sandwich shop would be closing due to backlash from a single negative 1-star Yelp review. According to the review, employees of the usually 5-star quality sandwich shop had the audacity to panini a BLT. “That’s just gross,” claimed Quarry patron Garrett Fillipini, “who wants soggy Tomato? This is just careless and very unlike the pristine sandwiches I know and love.” The review continued to claim the typically phenomenal chicken wings were “mostly cartilage” and “tasted frozen”. Despite the diversion from the Quarry’s normal stellar service, the head of Dining Services admitted that such allegations could not go ignored and the Quarry must be held accountable if the employees could not maintain the high standard of the #14 ranked campus food in the nation. The anonymous Yelp vigilantly may or may not be a Dickinson student, which would be important since the review included profanity in the form of the word “Fuck”. Naturally, this violates the Dickinson student code of conduct and could lead to a conduct hearing. A DPS investigation is ongoing.

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