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  • Thelma Watkins

New Englander Not Impressed by Cold

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

MORGAN FIELD - A quick look at the weather app (Testing Newsday version coming soon) tells you one thing: Winter Is Coming. This news is causing Freshman and Seniors alike to send texts home begging their parents for their Canada Goose Jackets and Bean Boots. In the next week were expecting to see temperatures drop below freezing for the first time this semester, making the trek to whatever rogue pregame spot that much more of a hassle. But, it is safe to say that this fear of the cold is not shared by all Dickinson students.

Freshmen Boston native Patrick O’Leary is not impressed by the Carlisle November chill and wants everyone to know “it’s not that cold”. After hearing of O’Leary’s homeothermic prowess we tracked him down and found him in a tank and sweat shorts. O’Leary provided an anecdote to explain his warmblood nature explaining, “Bro, me and my dad went to a sox game when it was like wicked cold. I swear to god it was -10 degrees without windchill. Sox though, World Series champs, Boston Sports just can’t lose”. We tried to bring the interview back to talking about the weather, but O’Leary was bombastic in defending the sports teams from his gentrified homeland. The area oaf eventually explained, in between puffs of a Newport, how he simply doesn’t have a winter jacket, “Ya man, so far this ain’t shit. I didn’t even bother bringing my jacket back from fall pause, nothing can be colder than New England winters.” We tried to reason with him, explaining how it gets cold in Carlisle as well, but he continued to shout “pussy” until we eventually had to call it off. O’Leary finished this enlightening conversation with a, “Go Sox” and scampered off to hit an early caf.

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