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  • Soap MacTavish

Mickey Mouse Costume Stirs Outrage

BEACH HOUSE - All was peaceful Saturday night. A Halloween Themed beach house bash to beat the bands. Drinks, bonding and of course costumes. But all good things must come to an end. Saturday night Mickey Mouse was welcomed with open arms when he arrived and began to dap up fellow partygoers. Students were dressed in costumes ranging from beekeepers to devils were astounded by Mickey’s appearance but inevitably happy. In fact when Mickey first arrived, Dickinson hair dye enthusiast Sean Place was heard exclaiming, “I love you Mickey, I’m so nostalgic right now”. Residents were justifiably excited by Mickey’s appearance with many Pi Phis claiming it was a dream come true to have him trek to Carlisle all the way from his home in Orlando. People vied for Mickey’s attention all night as he intermingled with various animals and superheros encompassing all of the morals expectant of the Disney Mogul. However, as the night wore on those who lingered were forced to accept a shocking reality when Mickey was seen slugging beers while sensually dancing with a mermaid in the corner. While the visual of Mickey Mouse is daunting enough, it was the strikingly similar voice and mannerisms that made the imposter’s efforts so successful. The unknown subject was eventually able to scamper off when local powertrip Josh Valentine threatened “hands” and their identity remains unknown. This harrowing tragedy has certainly cast a shadow on this bright holiday weekend. Everyone just hopes this imposter will be held accountable for saturday’s haunting events, and that the real Mickey is home safe.

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