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Lacrosse Player Considers Future; Is Very Confident

BIDDLE FIELD - Dickinson midfielder Connecticut Thompson ‘21 is feeling good about the days ahead in the first few weeks of his sophomore year. At a party this past Saturday, he was seen dapping up his teammates and playing pong as they got hyped up for another night out with the boys.

However things took a turn for the worse just a few games in, as Thompson got in an altercation with one of his teammates discussing that morning’s lift. Witnesses said they heard accusations of “not giving a shit”, while another “wants to win a fucking championship”. We caught back up with him after he had gone out back to smoke a cig.

Connecticut has continued his relationship with his highschool sweetheart, who decided to follow her man to Dickinson this fall. McKenzie Walsh ‘22, who will also play lacrosse at Dickinson, gave us a few words before hopping in her car to grab dinner off campus.

“Our families have been summering on the same island since we were little kids.” she said. “Conn is a nice guy. Comes from a nice family. His mom and I are literally so close. It’s always been really good.”

On Sunday, our photographers approached his place of residence hoping to get a photo of Thompson, but were unable to distinguish him from the other 7 players he lived with.

The next day we caught up with one of his classmates outside of his 10:30 Finance class, as Thompson had gone straight to the caf for the lunch rush.

“He’s a pretty quiet kid. Seems pretty smart. Although he does spend a lot of the class on his laptop watching highlights on Hudl and buying clothes.”

Thompson, an IB&M major, followed in the footsteps of his high school coach, all of his uncles, and his 3 older brothers when he was accepted to intern at Morgan Stanley this past summer. After sending his resume to the fathers of a few friends, he was offered the position of Executive Corporate Junior Associate Marketing Analysis Support Intern. We asked him what his day to day responsibilities looked like during his stint on Wall Street.

“It was really interesting man. My buddy’s cousin was my boss there so I was honestly just chilling most of the time. They had me formatting spreadsheets, sending out memos, shit like that. I spend a lot of time just thinking about how to make money you know. I want to make a lot of money.”

When we wrapped up our story, Thompson was headed to practice, excited to break in the 3 new sticks he received from Package Pickup that morning.

“I guess hard work pays off.”

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