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IB&M Major Goes Whole Lunch Without Mentioning Managerial

CAF--Having arrived in the cafeteria after another weekly Friday managerial exam, exhausted academic weapon Thomas Nocka wanted nothing more than to rant about his most recent grievances with Steve. “I know everyone is dying to hear the latest developments in my semester-long David vs. Goliath struggle with Managerial, but I think I’ll just keep them guessing for today. I probably aced the exam too with a solid 65%.” Reports claim that Mr. Nocka appeared red in the face and somewhat strained throughout lunch, but when asked what was up he simply replied, “ah….nothin man.” As everyone else went about their routine, the humble senior became increasingly worried that no one had asked him about Managerial yet. “Usually they’re dying to listen to what I have to say.” Students nearby reported that after about 30 minutes this brave scholar began to sweat profusely. After not mentioning his weekly odyssey for an entire meal for the first time this semester, Mr. Nocka was seen chasing after a friend in the HUB to tell him about where fixed cost equal variable cost.

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