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Former Frat Boy Questions Whether His Masculinity is Fragile or Toxic – Delighted to Report its Both

DENNY HALL – Following his third actual day of attendance in his Social Analysis class this semester, Junior Vincent “Vinny” Yardvines exited his classroom’s threshold as confused as the day his fraternity was kicked off campus for alleged misogyny. Their professor just finished their unit on Masculinity, which in Vinny’s eyes is the key component to being considered a true man. Much to his surprise, Yardvines learned that over accentuating stereotypical masculinity traits was not a sign of security in identity as a man, but rather the opposite. He reported to us, “Apparently sending unrequested dick pics to girls over snapchat midday and getting mad when they leave you on read is both fragile and toxic. Whoops.” Prior to this class he never thought that one could be both, but now he’s understanding that these things are on a spectrum. “I’m glad to say I’m becoming more open minded,” Yardvines added. Shoutout to the Sociology Department for curbing these developing minds early before an inevitable trip to Human Resources.

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