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Dickinson Lacrosse Team Enjoys Networking Trip at Chuck E Cheese

Active Networking

LOCATION UNKNOWN - Seniors from Dickinson’s Lacrosse team embarked on their Annual Networking Trip to Chuck E. Cheese this past weekend. Like all years, the trip was said to have been productive as the team once again benefited a lot from the experience. The tradition began when Coach Webster took over coaching duties 10 years ago and has been a staple of the team’s off the field regimen ever since. The Chuck E. Cheese Networking Trip is said to not only be a blast, but also an enriching experience for those looking to meet well-connected alumni in whatever their desired field might be. Coach Webster is said to have chosen Chuck E. Cheese due to its decorative ambiance and exceptional reputation and has framed it as a “Dave and Busters on Steroids”. As predicted, one long pole defender was a whack-a-mole menace and their fogo dominated in ski ball. The captains were even offered the once in a lifetime privilege of meeting Chuck himself in an undisclosed area for a private dance. The trip to Chuck E. Cheese produced notable results as senior members of the lax team were said have come back from the experience now completely changed men. The trip also produced more tangible results for the team as well, with the team pooling all their tickets and cashing in for an etch a sketch and 3 extra strength dry erase markers. The majority of the seniors were unavailable for comment but senior NASDAQ McChandalier remarked, “Honestly I really put myself out there; I wish everybody was fortunate enough to have shared this experience with us”. It’s hard to deny this point; and while the details of what actually goes on at the annual event still remain murky we can all assume the networking went really well.

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