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Dickinson Football Wins Game, No One Notices

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

DURDEN - In the biggest shock to the Dickinson community since Roseman’s retirement, Dickinson Football has won a game. That’s right, DICKINSON FOOTBALL HAS WON A GAME. Freshmen and senior players alike rejoiced at the news, and excitedly found their friends on campus looking for some sort of acknowledgement. In what the Football coach is calling a “humbling experience”, Dickinson Football players were disheartened to realize the no one has taken any notice to the results of the football games in the last 6 and a half years. When asked about Dickinson’s big win, local NARP and video game enthusiast Mike Rack was seen shrugging and said, “Oh...okay”. While players are understandably discouraged at this realization, all of the players on the football team can stand tall knowing we are all proud of them now that we know. While no one ever knew it, the boys played hard and will have their participation trophies forever.

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