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Dickinson Blacks Out

After a long syllabus week, Dickinson let loose with an all out attack on Thirsty Thursday, managing to put down more alcohol than it could ever be ready for. After a Four Loko, Mckinney best of 7, and Alibis Karaoke night, Dickinson simply blacked out. The last thing Dickinson remembers, they were singing some throwbacks with the boys before blacking back in around 12:15 pm today. As a result of the ensuing hangover, Dickinson was left hungry and without coffee, a sure sign that the institution would have 0 focus in classes today.

"It just caught up to me" Dickinson said in a press release. "I think I must have busted a transformer in my brain after that four loko". After this initial release Dickinson has not been available for comment, but as with anyone who blacks out during the week I'm sure there will be no consequences.

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