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Baseball Implements Exhausting Fitness Test

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Known by some, less known by many more, the Dickinson Men’s baseball team is rumored to kick off the season with a new and improved physical fitness test. In fact this is the first time they have had the test in the 103 year program history. We were able to catch up with renowned physical education supervisor and part-time head coach, Craig Hanson to talk about the major changes to the team's offseason standards. Hanson, who was able to give a few statements between his after lunch hammer dip session said, “After last years’ bus debacle we knew something had to be done". Sophomore bullpen pitcher Billy Newton said reminiscing on the event, “yea uh, last year the team bus left without me and I was physically unable to jog the 30 something feet to catch up to it.” A total mess for the team, and while this had little to almost no effect on the 13-2 loss to McDaniel, Newton was upset that he couldn’t “chill with the boys” in the bullpen. 

The new physical fitness test, which will almost identically mirror that of a middle school presidential fitness test, is said to include a sub 10-minute mile a 45 second sit-up competition and 5 pushups, as well as one full jump rope rotation. These four stations should combine to make sure only the most viable options can get on field this spring. We were able to talk to senior Daniel Thompson after practice about his thoughts on the new testing: “It’s pretty weird, I never thought I would have to physically perform at this level, but I mean whatever, just not a big sweat guy its gross and sticky…”. He was unable to elaborate on the question as he needed to put on smeared eye black and dirty up his baseball cap a bit before a team caf dinner but did remark, “If I wanted to run I would have literally played any other sport”. While the tangible results of the new testing have yet to show, the team hopes it will catapult them to a winning percentage closer to .400%. In the meantime, the boys are still gassed that they remain the only sport that you can fall asleep midgame and still produce. RollDevs!

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