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Area Sophomore Can't Stop Wearing Halloween Costume

Costume Addict

A few weeks ago, students from all around the Dickinson community were able to communally celebrate one of the best Holidays there is: Halloween. While the campus managed to dodge any major costume controversies this year, the Halloween season at Dickinson still produced many relevant storylines.

However, one story still remains relevant into the second week of November. Sophomore Reid Dion is said to have developed a strange affinity for his Reno 911 costume that he purchased ahead of the Halloween season. His friends were not immediately concerned when Dion wore the costume all throughout Halloween Weekend, but people began to raise concerns when Dion was seen wearing his costume to class the following week and even showering in the costume. While no one is exactly sure why Dion is obsessed with the garments, most believe he had the night of his life the first time he wore it, and has developed a certain kind of nostalgic connection with the costume. Still local correspondent Tyler Caballero claims, “it’s deeper than that”. Some of his roommates and Pi Phi friends have argued that Reid is conceptually obsessed with the idea of being a sexy cop and has begun to adapt the blended persona of several characters from the Reno 911 cast. His commitment to this character has made both his close friends and the greater Witwer third floor community very concerned. While some people are keen to accept that it might just be a phase, others in the community demand he seek help. We just hope this chilling narrative comes to an end real soon, and that Reid can get back on track before it’s too late.

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