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A Brief Discourse on the Social Impact of the Juul

The Juul, it's that thing in your other hand. Seemingly everybody born between the years of 1990 and 2003 has one. They are known by many names, the Douche Flute, the Nic stick, Juul-Juul Smith-Schuster, Juul Embiid, Juulian Jamgochian, Judge Juuldy, John Nicaine, Juulia Martens, Juulio Jones, LL Juul J and Kareem Abjuul Jabar. You hit them in the library and you rip them in the halls, students these days are going at them like frat boys at the juice during a Theta formal. Juuling has become an institution on college campuses, and noble dickinsonia is no exception. So why has Juuling become so popular? In order to answer this question I visited the Center for Global Study and Engagement’s new study abroad workshop Living without your Juul, where I interviewed several people close to the issue. The first question I asked was why they like the Juul so much? “It’s the tits” said sophomore club Tennis player and econ major Sydney Vortex “it gets nicotine into my system until i'm drunk enough to start ripping cigs.” Another sophomore, Tucker Westchester says he loves the juul because it makes him more “approachable” at parties where he is said to typically stand in the corner and rip it profusely til he effectively melts into the wall.

Not everybody is on team Juul however. Some squids over at the FDA are saying that vaporizing chemical flavored nicotine salts is bad for your health and that the Juul is ending up in the hands of too many young children in America. They are threatening to remove the Juul from the market if they can’t stop getting kids to buy them. This blows for Juul because it really isn't their fault that stores are selling their products to minors. The Juul is simply too easy to access for kids who can now get a pack of mangoes with their chicken bacon ranch wrap and mac and cheese bites for a smooth $26.99. Parents are also not super hyped about the amount of Juuling going on amongst kids, they just don’t get why it’s cool. I almost got in trouble when my own mother found my Juul, but saying its a micro usb, portable wifi, or a cereal box toy is a sure fire way out of any controversy there.

So while we must acknowledge these negative perceptions of the Juul, we also must note that many advanced media metrics have shown substantial health benefits of the device. This is is just another reason why the Dickinson community have pledged their allegiance to the dark machine. Although people are quick to list the negatives of Juuling, few are mentioning the overwhelming positives. When I was touring colleges in 2015, one of my categories for ranking campuses was “hundreds of cigarettes per square meter.” Dickinson did not do well in this category, I even remember seeing someone walking out of a building smoking during my tour. These days our beautiful campus is neat and clean, with the exception of a few Tree House kids who could probably mix in a shower. Juuls have greatly reduced the number of cigarettes being smoked on college campuses and consequently the amount of cigarettes left on the ground. They also help us deal with the daily stresses of our lives. I can’t even do my own laundry without going through at least 2 pods. Many students rely on them to complete their homework and to study for their exams. Others to help them get ready for a tough conversation with Mom after dropping a $200 spot on a bahd table of Kappas. If Juuls were banned I would bet my luggage that the average student GPA would plummet like our endowment.

Juuls may be dangerous and bad for our health, BUT there are clearly many benefits to their use as well. How else would Cindy Vortex avoid smoking cigarettes and damaging her lungs? How would Tucker Westchester avoid making everyone around him uncomfortable? In conclusion, they are definitely not good for us, but they are not confirmed bad, and we also definitely won't stop using them.

-Hugh Jerection

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